Where can I buy Dep® products?
Please visit our Where to Buy page located here to see which major retailers carry Dep® products. Please note the retailer may not carry the full line of products, or it may be available only in a limited number of stores. You can also order from online retailer sites or Drugstore.com.
Have you changed the formula of my Dep® product?
We have not changed the formulation of any of our Dep® products recently. If you are experiencing product performance issues, please use our contact form to get in touch with us.
How can I find out the expiration date of my product?
Dep® products can be used for up to 12 months after opening.
Is your packaging recyclable?
Dep® 12oz gel bottles are recyclable.
My bottle won’t sit upside-down in order to get the remaining gel from the bottle. What should I do?
We are aware that this occurred after the bottle caps were changed, and are working to correct it. In the meantime; we suggest resting the bottle upside-down against a supportive structure or surface in order for the remaining gel to work its way to the cap.
Can you send me samples or coupons?
We do not offer Dep® samples at this time. Please visit our online offer page for a coupon you can print at home.
I’m interested in selling Dep® products. Who should I contact?
Please use the Contact form located here to inquire about distributor opportunities.
I loved your Dep® Spiking glue. Do you have any plans to bring it back?
We’re always thrilled to hear from our fans. Dep® Spiking glue was discontinued under the brand’s previous ownership, and there are no current plans to bring it back. Stay tuned to Dep.com for future product news.
Are Dep® products gluten-free?
Yes, all Dep® products are gluten-free.
Are Dep® products alcohol free?
All Dep® styling gels are alcohol-free.
What can I do if I have a defective product?
For easy refunds and replacements, return the product to the point of purchase with your original register receipt.